Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Keeping a simple paint set (Flames of War FOW 15mm)

I have no airbrush, I'm not sure I'll ever get one. It isn't that they aren't good, quite the opposite, but I'm aiming to do the best I can with normal brushes, reading what others do, and my own ideas/sense of creativity.

Here's my paints:

I've bought most of the different Flames paintsets, and then added extra bits to them. I love the look of those fancy paint holders some people use, they make you feel like you're in a shop. However, I simply use a biscuit/cookie tin and a labelling system. Currently that system is as simple as using marking the top of each pot with a code: Q-Quartermaster; US- American; H- German regular army known as Heer; B-British, SS-German SS; S-Soviet.

In addition I ordered a different Vallejo flesh paint, Medium Fleshtone (860), I think it's better than flat flesh (955). I'll add bits of flat to the medium and I prefer the finish. I also ordered Leather Brown (871) for my boots, again I prefer it. Then there's three of the colours I use for basing miniatures - I'll talk about them another time.

In the tin are also a couple of pots of pigment and some regular acrylics, which will probably end up on my boards (once I start making them).

If I was starting this system again I'd probably add the Vallejo number to each paint. Currently if I'm painting SS, which is common, unless I line the paints up for the platoon (a habit I'm beginning to use) then I end up lifting and checking pots until I find the right one.

Work out what fits for you, but keeping it a little organised means you'll spend less time getting frustrated and more time enjoying the hobby.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Here are the next couple of pictures from the painting of my first tanks, Sherman platoon boxset. I thought I'd cut my teeth on them.

Hulls undercoated

This next picture makes me laugh. Now when I paint a tank I'd block paint the areas and ensure shadow and contrast, but this is where I started.
Getting the green on

Putting the details on

I've recently started painting (and rarely) playing Flames of War. My first set of goals are to paint late war SS and Soviet armies. I'm no expert in painting or modelling, but I'm enjoying trying my hand at Flames of War.

Having said I'm aiming for SS and Soviet, the first things I painted up were a British Sherman platoon, as you can see in the picture .