Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Keeping a simple paint set (Flames of War FOW 15mm)

I have no airbrush, I'm not sure I'll ever get one. It isn't that they aren't good, quite the opposite, but I'm aiming to do the best I can with normal brushes, reading what others do, and my own ideas/sense of creativity.

Here's my paints:

I've bought most of the different Flames paintsets, and then added extra bits to them. I love the look of those fancy paint holders some people use, they make you feel like you're in a shop. However, I simply use a biscuit/cookie tin and a labelling system. Currently that system is as simple as using marking the top of each pot with a code: Q-Quartermaster; US- American; H- German regular army known as Heer; B-British, SS-German SS; S-Soviet.

In addition I ordered a different Vallejo flesh paint, Medium Fleshtone (860), I think it's better than flat flesh (955). I'll add bits of flat to the medium and I prefer the finish. I also ordered Leather Brown (871) for my boots, again I prefer it. Then there's three of the colours I use for basing miniatures - I'll talk about them another time.

In the tin are also a couple of pots of pigment and some regular acrylics, which will probably end up on my boards (once I start making them).

If I was starting this system again I'd probably add the Vallejo number to each paint. Currently if I'm painting SS, which is common, unless I line the paints up for the platoon (a habit I'm beginning to use) then I end up lifting and checking pots until I find the right one.

Work out what fits for you, but keeping it a little organised means you'll spend less time getting frustrated and more time enjoying the hobby.

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