Thursday, 14 February 2013

Painting SS-Scout Tank-hunter platoon Schwimmwagen GE819 Part 2 (Flames of War FOW 15mm)

Following on from the last post, here are some closeup shots of three of the Schwimmwagen. At this distance, which is about 4cm away, the detail is overly close, which I think takes away a little from what they look like on the battlefield.

Anyway some painting information - I've base coated the green stuff additions in Middlestone, same as the body, but then tried to do some contrast with Vallejo Khaki 988.

 I haven't flocked these bases yet, but as I'm using an autumn uniform scheme for my SS, I've got a suitable mix of autumn flock to put on (eventually)
 The helmets are painted according to the colour scheme you're using for your uniforms - I'm using Oak leaf autumn so each helmet gets the three colours for that camo scheme - info I don't have to hand but it's definitely in the Cobra source book and I'm sure on the flames of war website.

Lots of detailed camo work can be done with 5/0 or 10/0 brushes. I've also seen an article in one of the newer FOW books about triangular shaped spots on late war Panthers - I've tried something else which I'll write about when I put up my Panther painting articles.

I put the men into the vehicles before varnishing them. Each vehicle seems designed for 3 men, including at least one with a panzerfaust. The pictures below are prevarnished, but the men have been dipped in quicktone, hence their slightly shiny finish. Once finished off with two coats of matt varnish they lose the shiny edge.

 The other thing I did on these vehicles was decals. There clearly were some hard and fast rules in the real world. I doubt my solution is anyway authentic, but I thought it out and I like it. Each vehicle in this platoon has a German star on the bonnet and I've put a SS 2nd Das Reich logo on the driver's door.

I'll put up a Part three to this platoon and show you some of the stuff around the basing of the infantry units, perhaps a bit of painting info too.

The nice thing about a platoon like this is that there's no assembly and it's a straightforward way into painting your army - some platoon or company boxsets are a lot more complicated that this!

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