Thursday, 18 April 2013

Terrain squares - Crossroads Part 1 (for Flames of War FOW 15mm)

I had an idea a few weeks ago to make some larger pieces of terrain.

I wanted something that could go in the centre of a table or reversed and put on two edges, like a route in for resupply troops. I wanted it something that would create quite a few blindspots and also have enough room on it for an objective marker.

I picked up some 6mm MDF and cut into 6 squares, 30cm square with rounded corners. Someone asked me why I did rounded corners. I honestly can't say other than that's what teams are based on.

Once I'd thought it through I marked out the idea, pictured above. The path of the tracks is obvious and the rectangles and arrows are going to be small hills large enough for a tank or two to hide behind. 

The next stage was messy - which is clearly why I chose to do it on the cream carpet in our lounge! I took some polystrene, rescued from the Grandparent's new washing machine deliverers. I cut it into chunks according to the rectangles and arrows I'd drawn on the boards. I then glued them up with PVA and left the boards to dry.

Once dried I covered them in the mouldable brown window putty I use on all my terrain. A large tube for 99p, can't go wrong - even when you use two or three tubes to cover two of these boards.

 The majority of the board only had a fine skim of the window putty, perhaps 2-3mm. I then textured it over the top of the polystyrene - the same thing I do with making my Bocage (a blog or two for another day). Then with some coffee stirrers (tracks), a knackered fork (furrows), a deliberately broken kebab skewer (for little indents and marks) and anything else I like to use to make the tracks and other textures.

I had originally thought I could create the textures with the one of my tanks, press it and move along. Nope! All that did was transfer loads of brown goo on to the treads. It might work when nearly dry, but I went another way.


Time to let it dry and see what it looks like before painting!

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